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Structural Repairs

GB Restoration is a general contracting firm, and recently moved to Western Massachusetts after enjoying 12 successful years on the South Shore of Massachusetts.  Our goal is to assist clients faced with the challenge of building, renovating, repairing and maintaining their structures.

Services include installing and repairing roofs (slate, copper, metal, membrane, asphalt), as well as restoring and repairing carpentry and masonry to maintain the structural integrity of the building. GB provides bird proofing services to preserve the edifice. GB’s services also include installing and repairing weathervanes and crosses, as well as lightning systems according to U.L. code.

GB offers high-quality painting and gilding (gold leafing) services, which include complete surface preparation.

Our interior services include painting, repairing plaster, repairing and refinishing or replacing pews, installing lighting, and installing carpeting and flooring.

Another service that GB provides is budget planning. We will inspect and assess your building to determine a repair timeline and the possible costs. You will receive a detailed report of work to be done according to urgency and your budget.

Specialty services include building, maintaining and dismantling the following:

  1. Steeples and towers—wood, stone, brick, copper and steel;
  2. Chimneys and smokestacks—brick, concrete and steel.

GB has successfully worked with historical commissions in several states.

Experience is crucial to a service-type business, and that’s where Gregory Burgess’ wide-ranging knowledge comes in.


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