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Structural Repairs

"You and your team of experts did a superb job! I am certain many people are unaware what has been done underneath the clapboards, but I know and appreciate that this renovation will last Old Parish well into (and perhaps beyond) the 21st century." — John D. Sisson, Project Coordinator, Old Parish Church, Sheffield, MA
"GB Contracting expressed an interest in helping us with our problems, when other contractors backed away from the project. Their many suggestions and breadth of experience provided a finished product that has resulted in many favorable comments from the congregation and the community." — Sumner Coe, Chairman/Project Management Committee, First Baptist Church, Wakefield, MA
"On behalf of the congregation and staff of Abundant Life Church, it- is with great pleasure we express to you our current experience with GB Contracting. GB Contracting was highly referred to us, and it didn't take long for them to prove themselves true to their referrals ... He (Gregory Burgess) and his staff proved to be the most professional and courteous crew we have had the privilege of working with. The work site was always left clean, neat, organized, and at times, cleaner than when they got there ... we highly recommend GB Contracting for all and any of your structural needs." — Rev. Roy F. Raposo, Abundant Life Church, Haverill, MA
"I was responsible for dealing with GB Contracting to have the steeple repaired and painted. Being a contractor in Needham, I found him to be very easy to deal with. He hired a crane to come in order to give a coat of paint to the top of the steeple (which was not part of the contract). The night that the work was completed, it rained very heavy and the paint had not dried completely causing it to wash off. In the spring when the weather was good, he came back at his own expense and redid the top again. Because of the dealings I had with him and his company, I would not hesitate to work with him in the future. I was very satisfied with the workmanship and his professionalism." — Henry Heald, Board of Trustees Member 2002, First Baptist Church, Needham, MA
"My experience with Greg is that he is honest and dedicated to people he has contracted with and will execute the work as specified in the contract. His workmanship is of the highest quality. I am certain that you will be very satisfied with any work he and his crew will perform for you." — Frank Brucknak, Trustee of Central Baptist Church, Westfield, MA
"We worked with GB Contracting on the Contracting of the steeple at the Brighton Evangelical Congregational Church in Brighton, MA ... GB Contracting's crew was extremely knowledgeable and professional to work with ... As the project of record for the project, we were happy with our working relationship with GB Contracting and the completed Contracting. We would recommend GB Contracting for other churches or organizations restoring their building." — Tobin Tracey, AIA, Principal, Turk Tracey & Larry Architects, LLC, Portland, ME
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