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Structural Repairs

Most of our clients range from small congregations of a few dozen members to some of the most historic churches in New England. We work with recognized master craftsmen who complete their work with a devotion to excellence. Therefore, we are prepared to handle every aspect of a church restoration or renovation project. As described below, we have many options available, and the owner, Gregory Burgess, will work with you to create an awe-inspiring worship environment.

First Congregational Church, Douglas, MA (Summer 2007)
Removed sanctuary ceiling; installed new truss system, ceiling and lighting.
New Church, Concord, MA (Spring 2007) New Church, Concord, MA
Painted interior of sanctuary; replaced carpet and installed new wood floor; restored pews; repaired blown-off shingles.
Millbury Federated Church Millbury, MA (Winter 2007)
Removed steeple; installed hip roof.
North Canaan Congregational Church, East Canaan, CT (Summer 2006)
Complete exterior restoration to steeple and church—installed new roof, replaced all deteriorated moldings, resided church, cut and pointed foundation and handicap ramp, painted steeple and all trim work on church, gilded weathervane.
United Methodist Church, Wellfleet, MA (Spring 2006)
Repaired siding damaged by storm.      
Old Parish Church, Sheffield, MA (Summer 2005)
Replaced all deteriorated wood, molding and siding; restored windows; replaced sills; removed and reset top row of granite; cut and pointed granite foundation; painted church and steeple; all moldings and clapboards was milled on site.
First Baptist Church, Wakefield, MA (Winter 2003/2004)
Restored steeple and front of church; installed new lead-coated copper; removed siding and installed new vinyl siding; repaired and painted all ornamental trim on front of church and steeple.
Abundant Life Church, Haverhill, MA (Winter 2003/2004)
Removed steeple; installed new roofing system atop bell deck; installed new windows.
First Baptist Church, Needham, MA (Fall 2003)
Restored siding and trim boards; fabricated new sets of hands and painted clock; painted steeple.
Church of Christ Congregational, Granby, MA (Spring 2003) Albanian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Natick, MA
Removed all exterior siding and installed new siding; made minor structural repairs; installed lead-coated copper on all roof decks and spire; painted steeple.
Congregational Church, North Chelmsford, MA (Spring 2003)
Resided church and steeple; replaced sills where necessary.
Congregational Church, Goffstown, NH (Fall 2002)
Installed new lead-coated copper on steeple; repaired siding and trim where necessary; removed and installed new slate on entire roof (135 square); painted church.
Central Baptist Church, Westfield, MA (Fall 2002)
Repaired center mast; burnt out rafters at top of spire (to repair lightning damage).
Armenian Church of the Metrowest, Framingham, MA (Fall 2002)
Painted church steeple and ornamental trim; fabricated and installed gilded cross.
Wilbraham-Monson Academy, Wilbraham, MA (Summer 2002)
Restored administrative building cupola; repaired and painted fire escapes; repaired and painted windows on science building; cut and point masonry restoration on science building.
Albanian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Natick, MA (Spring 2002) Albanian Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Natick, MA
Reshingled church spire.
Brighton Evangelical Church, Brighton, MA (Winter 2001/2002) Brighton Evangelical Church, Brighton, MA
(MA Historical Commission project) Painted steeple; restored wood; restored copper; fabricated, installed and gilded new hands and numerals on 3 clock faces; removed, repaired, gilded and reinstalled weathervane; demolished and rebuilt chimney (reusing same brick to insure historical integrity).
St. Luke’s Old Stone Church, Lanesborough, MA (Fall/Winter 2001) Brighton Evangelical Church, Brighton, MA
(MA Historical Commission project) Removed steeple and bell cradle and wheel; rebuilt and reinstalled new steeple and bell cradle and wheel; installed lightning protection system.
Greater Grace Church of the Berkshires, Lee, MA (Fall 2001)
Painted church; repaired chimney.
Plainfield Congregational Church, Plainfield, MA (Summer/Fall 2001) Plainfield Congregational Church, Plainfield, MA
Painted steeple; removed and reattached lightning system on interior of steeple to prevent further staining of steeple; performed minor structural repairs on interior; repaired and gilded dome and weathervane.
Groton School, Groton, MA (Spring 2001)
Gilded (applied gold leaf) school’s dome.
Unitarian Universalist Church, Brooklyn, CT (Winter/Spring 2001) Unitarian Universalist Church, Brooklyn, CT
(Connecticut Historical Commission project) Removed steeple; performed interior structural repairs.
Eliot Street Church, Newton, MA Eliot Street Church, Newton, MA
Repaired slate roof; repaired interior leaks; repaired interior brick walls of steeple.
St. James United Methodist Church, Stoneham, MA (Winter 2000/2001)
Repaired masonry; repaired roof; restored copper; repaired fractures and painted stucco steeple and body; applied rubber membrane roof to inside of bell tower; rebuilt front steps.
First Congregational Church, Brimfield, MA (Fall 2000) First Congregational Church, Brimfield, MA
Removed, repaired and reinstalled windows. Gilded weathervane, resided spire, repaired leaks, repaired roof decking, replaced rotted moldings, repainted entire steeple, replaced center mast.
First Baptist Church, North Adams, MA (Spring/Summer 2000) First Baptist Church, North Adams, MA
Painted ornamental trim and spires; replaced slate and copper on spires; repaired interior beams.
First Baptist Church, Pittsfield, MA (Spring 1999)
(MA Historical Commission project) Applied mechanically-fastened membrane roof; repaired and painted steeple; repaired front steps and 4 chimneys; painted front entrance.

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